Foamex Carpet Cushion, Inc.

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  • Toll Free: 800-497-3626
  • Foamex Carpet Cushion, Inc.
  • 1000 Columbia Avenue
  • Linwood, PA 19061-3921
  • United States of America

Foamex is a leading producer of flexible polyurethane foam for the bedding, furniture, carpet cushion and automotive markets as well as technical foams for diverse applications in industrial, consumer, electronics and transportation industries.
You will find Foamex foams inside, around and under thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers. They protect automobile passengers on the highway and fragile electronic components in shipment. They help consumers sleep sounder and furniture manufacturers create more comfortable products. They add to the luxury and performance of home and commercial carpeting. They are used in filters, dispensers, gaskets and seals in everything from blood oxygenators to computer disk drives.

If you need a polyurethane foam or polymer product off the shelf, Foamex makes the finest quality and greatest variety available from any manufacturer. To discover where we really shine, bring your wish list to our design and technical teams and imagine the possibilities. Everyday, we meet the challenge of shaping things to come.

Industry Leadership

Foamex is one of the largest, most versatile supplier of flexible polyurethane and advanced polymer products in North America. Foamex does business through the following four business units:

  • Foam Products - Products that are used in bedding, pillows, sofas, and couches.
  • Automotive Products - Polyurethane products that are used in over twenty different applications in today's automobiles, minivans, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks.
  • Carpet Cushion Products - Includes rebond, sponge rubber, felt and prime polyurethane carpet underlay.
  • Technical Products - Includes a host of products used in a variety of applications including acoustics, gasketing, resevoiring, and filtration.

Products: Foamex Carpet Cushion, Inc.


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