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Welcome to Wilsonart International
We are located in Temple, TX United States of America. Wilsonart International is a global leader in laminate and solid surfacing materials for countertops, cabinets, fixtures and flooring. Some of our key products include Wilsonart® Laminate, Wilsonart® SSV™ Solid Surfacing, and Wilsonart® Flooring.

A perfect place to begin is with our selection of brands. We carry Countertop/Surfaces, and more...

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Tel: 254-207-7000 Fax: 254-207-2384

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Brands: Wilsonart International

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Wilsonart HD Surfacing

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Warm to the touch, with designs and textures unavailable in other luxury materials, Wilsonart HD is a welcome alternative; there is simply no other surface like it.

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Wilsonart® Quartz

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Wilsonart® Quartz is a stylish, sleek and strong surface with performance features that make this one of the most popular surface materials on the market today.