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Better Tools is a 14-year-old company created on the foundation of a better knife. The lifetime guaranteed Banana Knife is a proven success in the industrial, roofing and painting industries ,truly a Better Tool.

American Cutting Edge is a world-class industrial razor blade company operating for over 40 years, servicing the medical, textile, food, hunting arrows (broadhead), and hobby industries. In 2001 Better Tools became a valuable addition to American Cutting Edge, Inc. (ACE) through a strategic acquisition.

Better Tools has built on the successful foundation of the Banana Knife, making other better blades and hand tools available. Better Tools has spent the last three years researching the flooring and roofing industries through the feedback of successful distributors and certified installers/contractors. Leveraging this valuable knowledge and experience of distribution and end-users, along with the expertise of American Cutting Edge, Inc. Better Tools now provides high-quality blades and knives for the professional flooring installer, roofing and general contractors.

Our latest innovation is the Better Tools safety dispenser for both round and square corner slotted razor carpet blades. With a simple slide of a lever, an unwrapped blade is dispensed quickly and conveniently. Disposal is just as easy because the unique dispenser features a used blades storage unit, which dramatically reduces the hazard of loose blades on the job or in the toolbox.

With Better Tools new focus on the flooring and roofing industries, we are also launching a new image and logo for the company. Our new logo better aligns with our strategy, aggressive, hard-hitting, and cutting edge. This will include exciting, high-impact packaging for our products as well as a continuous stream of innovative and valuable new products to better serve the professional contractor.

We offer a full line of utility, hook and slotted blades, along with a variety of knives certainly fulfilling your end-users cutting needs.