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Paver (brick)

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Buffalo Grove, IL
United States of America
 Easy to install electric floor heating rolls to warm carpet, ceramic tile, stone or laminate.
Categories: Paver (brick), Carpeting, Ceramic/Porcelain, Laminate Flooring, Natural Stone Floors, Specialty Floors, Paver/Quarry, Underlayment, Wood Flooring



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Wausau, WI
United States of America
 Terrazzo Tile flooring by Wausau Tile, precast terrazzo tile as well as epoxy terrazzo accessories and concrete patio pavers.
Categories: Paver (brick), Flooring Accessories, Seamless/Fluid Applied, Terrazzo, Paver/Quarry, Furnishings, Garden/Patio, Architectural



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Lakeland, MN
United States of America
 Industrial epoxy flooring manufacturer, installer and distributor. We specialize in working with companies that do their OWN floor work. Easy to install. High chemical and heat resistance. A tough, non-skid surface where YOU chose how aggressive.
Categories: Paver (brick), Flooring Accessories, Adhesives, Equipment, Seamless/Fluid Applied, Installation Materials, Natural Stone Floors, Cleaning/Restoration, Specialty Floors, Paver/Quarry, Tools, Sealers/Finishes, Underlayment, Fibers/Backing



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Xiamen, Fujian
Categories: Paver (brick), Flooring Accessories, Business Services, Carpeting, Natural Stone Floors, Terrazzo, Paver/Quarry, Countertop/Surfaces, Ceilings



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Perth, Perthshire
United Kingdom
 A Scottish brick manufacturer producing clay tiles and bricks for new build and restoration. Inscribed and decorative bricks and tiles a speciality
Categories: Paver (brick), Ceramic/Porcelain, Paver/Quarry



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Los Angeles, CA
United States of America
 Emser Tile and Natural Stone
Categories: Paver (brick), Flooring Accessories, Adhesives, Ceramic/Porcelain, Installation Materials, Natural Stone Floors, Specialty Floors, Terrazzo, Paver/Quarry, Tools, Underlayment, Wood Flooring



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Minneapolis, MN
United States of America
 For more than 25 years, Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLC. has set the worldwide standard for excellence and innovation within the segmental retaining wall industry.
Categories: Paver (brick), Paver/Quarry



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miami, FL
United States of America
 Handmade clay roof tile, pavers, terracotta floor tile
Categories: Paver (brick), Flooring Accessories, Ceramic/Porcelain, Natural Stone Floors, Specialty Floors, Paver/Quarry



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Jackson, MS
United States of America
 Manufacturer of handmade, high quality flooring. PortStone is indistinguishable from conventional brick and cut stone in look and feel. Only 1/4" thick, it has more impact resistance than ceramic tile or even full size brick.
Categories: Paver (brick), Business Services, Ceramic/Porcelain, Natural Stone Floors, Paver/Quarry



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Torbalı, izmir
 Sahtas Clay Products Inc. is a Manufacturer/Producer located in Torbalı, izmir Turkey that sells Ceramic/Porcelain, Paver/Quarry
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