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Karastan Contract
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Woven construction is inherently stronger than any other fabrication. It brings you a 21-year lifecycle — up to three times longer than tufted carpet. That means your investment stretches over 21 years, rather than 7, offering a significant cost savings.
 It's cost savings you can feel good about. Woven carpet saves the environment, using less nylon in its construction, and performing 300% longer than other carpet constructions before needing to be replaced. That means less energy needed to make replacement carpet, less energy needed to haul it and exchange it. It means less carpet in our landfills.
 Woven carpet is as durable as it is beautiful, and Mohawk Commercial is America's oldest carpet weaver, operating the world's largest weaving plant and offering the broadest array of weaving types.
 Karastan Contract
is proud that the construction of our woven products has less impact on the environment. Because the fibers interlace, fewer raw materials are used, such as latex and secondary backings. This also reduces the amount of energy used in manufacturing Karastan wovens. In addition to our high-performance nylon fibers, Karastan also offers natural fibers such as wool. Since these products last longer, there is less carpet to dispose over time. In addition, all of Karastan's woven carpets qualify for Mohawk's carpet recycling program, ReCover. All Karastan carpet can be processed into raw material for other products. Affiliated reclamation programs have helped keep millions of pounds of used carpet out of landfills, thus reducing the impact on our environment.

Featured Brand - Karastan Carpet
Karastan carpets are known for artistry, innovation and craftsmanship. Our sophisticated carpet styles range from traditional to contemporary looks and work great in today’s home, home office or business environment. Selecting the right carpet is hard work. At Karastan, we can make your choice a little easier.Click here for details...

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