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Flooring Warranty And Giveaways

Seems like everytime I turn on the tube I am inundated by national floor covering chains like Empire recently advertised....Buy 2 rooms and get the rest of the house free!

Or like Lumber Liquidators today.....upping the warranty on a hardwood floor from 50 years to 100 years! Who lives 100 years? Would I care about a hardwood warranty if I was 156 years old?

Free, pad, free labor. Are Americans nuts or just stupid? Maybe it's the advertising agency people who are nuts.

I just cannot believe Americans are so gullible as to believe this and it makes me not want to be a part of the flooring industry.

Free Pad, NO! Free Labor, NO! Lifetime Warranty? Mine or Yours? Free Lunch, never.

What you get when you go to Top Floor Installation Company in Tucson AZ is honest work, quality flooring and a smile. Smile))

Thats going to be my next CL ad I think. Maybe I'll cave for some chocolate chip cookies. Everyone likes warm chocolate chip cookies.


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