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Out With the Old, In With the New

I'm not sure how many of you are over the holiday season. I know I am. Too many commercials and craziness going on for me. Queue in income tax commercial. Last year was tough, but better than the previous year.

My holiday season started off pretty good, then died off right around midstream December. I missed out on a job because the client said she had another guy ready to jump on it the day before I could. I bet I was higher on my bid. It was one of those jobs you kind of say to yourself, "Self, you might want to walk away on this one."

The job involved going over an awful tile job installed in a porch that had been opened up to the rest of the house. Sloping concrete substrate, 3 inch drops in the corners and nice French doors going to the new back porch area where the door was already hitting the tile. The consumer bought some floating hardwood flooring on special at a box store and wanted to go over the tile. Not an uncommon project which I have done many times.

So I bid it high, and told her it would be such-and-such a price for tile demo, but why? It would just take more leveling compound. I already had figured in twenty bags of SLC for a 300 square foot room. Add new paint in the house. Can you say, dusty! Hope it came out nice for her.

Turned out I couldn't buy a job before Christmas as much as I tried to twist my other clients arms to tear up their houses before the holiday season hit. What's wrong with people these days? In the old days people were frantic to get the house fixed up for the relatives.

As soon as the clock struck high noon on January 2nd I started getting the go signal from other jobs I had bid on. Thank goodness. Two laminate jobs in a row. Second one was a nice lady. Clean freak... you can tell when you walk into the house. You know the kind, much like my wife so we got along just fine.

One of the first things you do when you get there is to walk in with your nice newer Dustless ShopVac form Dustless Technologies and brag on its ability to contain dust particles as small as .05 microns. They love it. Of course this lady did her homework and looked through all my pictures on my pro-flickr account and website. Maybe that's what sold her. After having her house recently painted inside and out she was very concerned about the dust. Plus, the other projects her and her husband did since moving here 18 months prior turned out to be disasters, she said. Add a heavy German accent. Now that will make any installer twitch.

Everything turned out great. She was happy and I got paid. So, I'm happy last year is over and hoping for a better year. Or as the Germans say, "Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei."

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Transmitted: 6/19/2018
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