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Do you have just another pretty flooring website?

Several years ago, I contracted to develop the content for a flooring website for a local dealer in a major metropolitan suburb. But, shortly after beginning the project, it was halted. The owner and I had a miscommunication, and he was upset with me. I apologized and tried to make things right, but he just didn't want to move forward with me anymore.

Recently, I was thinking about him and looked his company up on the Internet. He had a beautiful new web site. The design was contemporary and attractive.

Unfortunately, there were significant problems with his website.

1. It looked like every other pretty flooring website on the block.
2. It had zero humanity or personality - not even a staff page.
3. It was written poorly for sales - web pages need good copywriting.
4. It had poor formatting of text, making the copy even duller to read and difficult to scan.
5. It had numerous misspellings - unprofessional.
6. It did have a few testimonials, but they were weakly presented.
7. It lacked portfolio pages.
8. It lacked solid search engine optimization.

That last point is very important. When I was working for him, I carefully explained how we would build and optimize specific flooring portfolio pages to attract visitors from nearby cities in his territory. None of that was accomplished with his new site.

The owner had a long family history in his business. Copy about his background and experience would give his potential customers trust in his ability to deliver quality product. It would also add color and humanity to an otherwise sterile site.

Remember, anyone can have a pretty flooring website. If you want to stand out from your competitors, you will need to dig deeper. A lot deeper.

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