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How well are you doing the advertising basics?

For my inaugural FloorBiz column, it seems appropriate to talk about the basics of advertising. There's an excellent little blue book (in fact, it's called The Little Blue Book of Advertising by Steve Lance and Jeff Woll) about advertising that I've recommended to various groups I've spoken to. If you're an advertiser, in an in-house ad department, or work for an agency, you'd do well to get a copy.

Here's a few pearls of wisdom from the little blue book. Some seem pretty obvious, some may be surprising, all are relevant - even in our high-tech digital, social age.

For example, "Know Where You Want To Take The Brand" and "Map A Clear Route Of How You'll Take Your Brand To The Destination" are just a couple of chapters devoted to planning. It's surprising how often advertisers by-pass the prep work and go straight to the headlines and ads. What a potential waste!

Especially relevant to floor covering dealers is "Read What Your Customer Reads, Watch What She Watches." As we all know, roughly 80% of all floor covering purchases are made by women.

Another topic that's got "manufacturer" written all over it (at least a for lot of them) is "My Company's Great! My Products Are Terrific! Besides You, Who Cares?" This underscores something I learned a long time ago: It's all about your customer and how you can solve his/her problem better than anyone else. Many manufacturers become guilty of thinking an ad is nothing more than a spec sheet bound into a magazine. You have to market your product.

The Little Blue Book of Advertising has "52 Small Ideas That Can Make A Difference," so too many to highlight here. But if you peruse the book for a few minutes, you may just highlight where you need to do some work on the basics that will make your advertising more effective than ever.

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