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Katherine Andes is a Web copywriter who specializes in SEO copywriting - especially in the home improvement market. You can contact her at kathy@andesandassociates.com or visit her website AndesAndAssociates.com

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First Step to Improving Your Flooring Web Site: A Web Site Review

When working with a new or prospective client, usually the first step I recommend is that we do a web site review or site audit. This is a great tool for diagnosing issues that may be causing your web site to under-perform.

Of course, no matter how good your web site may be, it can always be improved. That goes for mine as well.

But if you have significant problems, they should be discovered and attended to as soon as possible. And you may have significant problems and not even know it! But who to ask?

If you ask a web designer or developer - who did not build your site - what they think of your site, most will say it's just awful.

It's a lot like the new hairdresser who says snarkily, "And just who has been cutting your hair?"

General your-web-site-is-awful comments are not very helpful.

You need to find a web specialist to do a web site review or site audit. He or she will cover the following areas in a written report:

• Design
• Quality of Page
• Content
• Formatting
• Navigation
• SEO / Organic Search
• Usability
• Tracking
• Competition
• Trust Issues
• Social Media
• Capturing Leads

Sometimes other more technical issues are also addressed in web site reviews.

What about the offers for a "free web site review" that fill your in-boxes? Those are done with silly machines. You need human eyeballs on your page to get really good information.

Once you have your web site review, you will have a good idea of where to start improving your site. Some of the data you should be able to take action on immediately. Other items, though critical, will take more time. Some items will be less important. With a good web site review, you can prioritize according to your available resources.

Best of all, you will no longer be floundering. You will have a solid roadmap for improving your flooring web site. With that roadmap in hand, you can always be doing something to improve your site and move the needle upwards on your sales reports.

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Transmitted: 6/19/2018
2:30:05 AM

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