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Are you up on your elevator pitch?

Are you up on your elevator pitch?

At Surfaces this year, I had the pleasure of getting to know Brian Gracon of Brian Gracon & Associates, and co-presenting with him in a seminar we developed. Brian is a training expert and since knowing him and working with him on our class, I've gotten a much better appreciation for his area of specialty. We agree that when marketing and training work together (as we explained in our course) it's definitely a beautiful thing.

You can do this ...
One of the techniques Brian advocates is absolutely brilliant, simple to execute and provides tremendous benefit to sharpening the brand communication among you and your staff. It involves a video camera, your staff as participants, and you, if you're the owner or sales manager of your floor covering store. This exercise is based on the common communication phenomenon we all know as "the elevator pitch." You know the drill: you're standing in an elevator or at a party, someone reads your name tag and says, "Well Bob, what do you guys do at XYZ Company?" How you answer that instinctively and, well, briefly (before you exit to your floor) says a lot about your understanding for the mission and position of your company. Even more importantly, it says a lot about how this company representative presents his/her company to customers.

How it works ...
To participate, each person uses their smart phone or flip camera to video himself or herself, in private, introducing their company to an imaginary customer. Practicing is ok. Take as many takes as you need to be satisfied. There's no hard rule regarding length, but it should be brief- about 30 seconds or less (hey, it's an elevator pitch). All recordings are reviewed by management and then with the staff. The results can be revealing. It's an excellent training tool, but it also helps sharpen your marketing communication. In fact, you may discover a nugget of brilliance you can latch onto. It's a learning experience for everyone and easy to do.

The real benefit ...
The bottom line is this: all the advertising in the world that begins your branding conversation won't be as effective as you need it to be unless your sales associates can complete the sentence with your customer. Try Brian's technique and let me know how it works for you.

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