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Porcelain Tile Bonding Issue

Call From Consumer; Porcelain Tile

So this guy calls me out of the blue,guess he saw my floorsavior site. Had 1,000 sf of 12x 12 porcelain tile installed over a slab that had an epoxy coating which was supposedly ground off.

I'm not sure but I think he is kinda anal about the tile sticking. I found out through questioning the installer first set tile on the epoxy coating. Of course that didn't work so well. Plus he was not back coating the tiles.
Then the installer pulls the tiles and grinds off all the coating. Sets tile, checks tile and the Ultraflex # 2 is still damp the next day.

The consumer freaks out and pulls 1,000 sf of tile off the floor because he says the thinset is still damp underneath. Calls numerous tile people from around town and the Mapei rep.

The Mapei rep says the tile is sufficiently bonded. Yet a water drop test says the slabs surface still is not free of epoxy as it does not penetrate into the surface within a couple minutes.

Even in two to three days the guy says he can pop off a tile with just a screwdriver and a hammer. And the setting compound is still damp in the center.

He now believes there is some sort of moisture issue with the slab.

By now he has probably called the TCA. ha ha

I'm going there to do some F-2170 tests and look at the surface of the slab to see if it has been polished by the grinding and check csp.
What do you think it is?


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