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Katherine Andes is a Web copywriter who specializes in SEO copywriting - especially in the home improvement market. You can contact her at kathy@andesandassociates.com or visit her website AndesAndAssociates.com

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How Blog Commenting Helps Your Flooring Website

Every week, most of you probably read industry flooring blogs and online articles. You have your favorites that you read faithfully to ensure you are up to date with the latest trends and best practices. I know that I do.

Have you ever noticed that below many of the blogs, there is a space for comments along with a space to leave your web address?

Most of the time you just glance at the comments others have written. You often think, "I have something to say about that," but then you stop yourself and think, "I'm too busy for this." So you click away from the site.

Big mistake.

By not leaving a comment on the blog, you are missing out on an easy opportunity to win some coveted link juice for your own flooring website, which will help improve your website's rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Don't write garbage of course. If you really have nothing to say, then don't comment. But if you can't find something useful to say about the floor covering business; most likely, you're just being lazy.

There are other benefits, too. Blog commenting widens your reach. Besides the link juice, someone might just go to your website and become a customer! That's happened to me.

Remember, leaving a comment on a flooring industry blog or online article is a super easy way to get link juice and boost your own website's ranking. Always take a few moments to comment and be sure to leave your website address in the space provided.

Katherine Andes of AndesAndAssociates.com specializes in web content development - including page customization for storefront and franchise web sites. You can phone her at 559.589.0379 or email at Kathy@AndesAndAssociates.com.

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