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You Make The Call - Stranded Click Bamboo Nightmare

I recently got involved with a client of a major nationwide liquidator of hardwood and bamboo .

A brief time line about the whole ordeal according to the consumers.

Consumer goes and buys Morning S__r stranded click bamboo. Store clerk ( "clerk" meaning no wood science knowledge) tells them to acclimate for two weeks and the installers will come to install. Says nothing about unwrapping bamboo form the cellophane/plastic wrap inside the box to acclimate, no advice on humidification as per the instruction that apparently were not in the boxes, but suddenly appeared in the online version after this issue was brought to their attention(very typical these days).

Preferred installers from come out to install the bamboo. They unwrap the bamboo from the boxes, no documentation of the contractor doing a thermo hygrometer test for temp and relative humidity, simply unwrap and install.

One week later the click stranded bamboo shrinks, separates the locking mechanism, shrinks from under the base boards as well. Installers/contractor comes back and applies putty to open gaps. The floor is dry cupping severely, and was readily apparent when I was there today.

There is a POW WOW with retailer and they're legal department says " It is the consumers responsibility to make certain the site conditions are in compliance, as they only sell the product." They say "It is the installers problem", essentially throwing their own preferred installer under the bus.

Hired gun inspector from retailers front company comes out and confirms, yes this is due to low humidity.

Consumer is totally confused. They complain to the AZ Registrar of contractors who sends out an inspector who knows nothing about flooring and he states; "This is a product issue, Installation is fine"

Consumer goes out and buys a high end humidification unit that is hooked up to the HVAC unit. It runs continuously for one month and fails to reach the 35% rh threshold causing his electric bill to go up $100 a month. Still does not help the stranded click floor to this date one year later.

The consumer is out on a limb for 7 grand.

So, who's the bad guy here in your opinion?

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