Article Number: 5745
Spotting Solutions Improves Coffee And Tea Stain Remover
Spotting Solutions has improved the formula of their Coffee and Tea Stain Remover. "We improved the formula based on what we call 'The Starbucks Effect,'" Says Sales Manager Lou Shepherd. "When you wanted coffee ten, fifteen years ago, you went to a diner or made it yourself. Now coffee is big business and everybody's drinking it.

"And we've been hearing about the sudden upsurge of coffee stains outside of apartments and condos. These are caused by folks coming home at the end of the day they've got their Starbucks, the mail, a purse or briefcase, perhaps some food they bought on the way home and they go and turn the key and they spill their coffee.

"Carpet cleaners are being asked to deal with these stains, so we improved the formula so it works even better on coffee with cream and sugar. And if you've ever set foot in a Starbucks, you know that their drinks have a lot of cream and sugar in them."

The improved formula means you only need one product on coffee spills. As it dries, it not only takes care of the coffee stain, but it also breaks down cream and sugar.

The Coffee and Tea Stain Remover is $72 per case, and shipping is free. To order or find out about other uses, call 866-638-3111.