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Mohawk adds ‘stars’ to its 2008 lineup: Innovative styles, patterns offer state-of-the-art looks, textures
Every time a mill releases a new product, there is always anticipation and excitement as to how each will ultimately perform in the marketplace. Mohawk is no different and enters 2008 with an array of new products. Jenny Cross, brand manager for Mohawk Residential, believes the following to be the “stars” of the Aladdin, Horizon and Wunda Weve introductions for 2008.


The brand’s positioning is everyday value. Thus, there are many introductions constructed of the EverStrand polyester family of fibers and SmartStrand PTT that offers built-in stain resistance, bleach resistance and excellent durability.

Casual Spin (solid) and Treasure Coast (berber) are high-twist textures that represent an entirely new style category for the SmartStrand line in Aladdin and do so at a tremendous value, Cross noted.

“We continue to expand our Stainmaster ExtraBody II line with four introductions. With Fresh Touch and Just Reward, we have an entry-level and stepup in the category of high pile textured products with tremendous hand. Countdown and Dominator are more tailored textures with the added fullness of this Stainmaster yarn system.”


The brand’s newest Stainmaster products, Caribbean Secret and Coastal Flair, capitalize on an increasing trend toward a higher concentration of space-dye accent yarns with berber frieze styling, Cross said. “Again, ExtraBody II gives a tremendous touch to this product combo. Melrose Place is our newest high value cable product featuring a barber pole accent at an entry level for Wear-Dated DuraSoft.”

Cross noted that in the “highly successful” SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona polymer line, the company is venturing into patterned goods with three LCLs for 2008, each with a very natural, earthy color palette. Council Garden is a large-scale, organic tracery pattern with depth and motion. Etchware is a small-scale, overall grid that is simple yet sophisticated. And Guided Path’s pattern is midscale and represents a twisted trellis with a ribbon flow.

Wunda Weve

Mohawk continues to expand its Wear-Dated Natural nylon styles with looks that exploit the “wool-like” appearance of the yarn system, Cross said. Colorful Choice and Perfect Palette are two new textures with exceptionally clean finishes. Shining Allure and Sisal Chic are new patterned loops that use an innovative, high-contrast accent yarn for emphasis.

Known for pattern, Wunda Weve’s line of LCLs continues to grow with the addition of three more Stainmaster products. “Inlaid Magic’s large scale, parquet design is contemporary and chic,” Cross said. “With Garden Romance, we introduce a two-tone combination of light and deep dye yarns in a large-scale, organic pattern. And Modern Edge’s mid-scale, velvet rib pattern is sleek and sophisticated.”

Mohawk also capitalizes on the sharp, tonal depth created by light and deep barber pole combinations in Emerald Coast and Regatta Bay. “Featuring Stainmaster ExtraBody II, these multicolor friezes provide a very unique visual.”

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