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CFI 16th Convention - Educational opportunities, seminars and workshops, WFCA Leadership Conference
We wish every CFI member could join us for the CFI Convention. If you have attended, you know how great it is. If you haven’t attended, you must start planning for next year. This year was just exceptional.

The excitement! The fun! The educational opportunities! The seminars and workshops! The CFI Associate Showcases! The WFCA Leadership Conference! What a great event in Kansas City, Missouri August 20 – 22nd, 2009.

CFI Officers and Directors for 2009-2010

At the CFI Business Meeting, the officers were unanimously elected to serve second terms. The officers are Roy Davison (MO), President; Robert Varden (TX), Vice-President and Alan Ellis (IA) as Secretary. Tony Buckhardt was appointed to serve as the Chairman of the Certification Team. The Executive Board also includes Leon Harrison (AZ), Immediate Past President, Bob Gillespie (MO), Past President, Jim Walker (MO), CEO and Jon Namba (UT) Executive Director.

Serving terms on the CFI Board of Directors are:

Through 2010: Jim Lee (TX), Joe Sidor (MT) and Michael Hetts (PA)

Through 2011: Roger Richardson (PA), Ralph Richins (MO) and Dave Garden (MI)

Through 2012: Jeff Johnson (FL), Bernie Madden (KS), Jerry Miller (GA), Andrew Smith (GA) and Roland Thompson (MD)

Term ended 2009: Ben Boatwright (TN), James Mullins (GA), Charles Pruitt (OK), Robert Schurman (CO) and Danny Sherman (GA)

First Timers Meeting

The First Timers Meeting conducted by John McHale, Jill Sheets, Rod Von Busch and Joe Cea was attended by 16 dealers, manufacturers and installers attending their first CFI Convention. CFI beat the odds by increasing convention attendance and adding new attendees this year. First Timers are recognized by the bright red ribbons attached to their name tags and made to feel welcome by all members.

The Master of Ceremonies, Bernie Madden, of Madden-McFarland Interiors of Leawood, Kansas welcomed the group to the 16th annual Convention and introduced the President, Roy Davis, CEO, Jim Walker and Executive Director, Jon Namba.

Christopher Davis opened the WFCA Leadership Conference with the spirit of enthusiasm that continued throughout the event. Ken Futch, Certified Speaking Professional from Atlanta, and author of, “Take Your Best Shot,” shared priceless insights into turning situations into opportunities. If you missed his book, check out his website at

Robert Varden, CFI Master-II introduced the recipient of the CFI Presidents’ Award,
Adam Norton who was recommended by Sam Presnell of The Rug Gallery in Cincinnati, OH because of his commitment to customer service, education and business ethics.

Glenn Olsen, CFI Master-II and Technical Services Representative for Atlas Carpet is responsible for the establishment of the fund in memory of two deceased CFI Presidents, Doug Amundson and Andrew Aufiero. Each year, contributions are received to fund the annual award.

CFI Associate Showcase Seminars

The CFI Convention is known for the educational value it brings for attendees. Attending in individual teams, the Associate Showcase seminars were presented by. Gregory Wood of AAT, , Tim Rawlins, Tim Provence, Rick Herr and Todd Weldon of Armstrong, Jake Gregory of Sponge Cushion Inc., Mike Lassetter and Howard McGaha of Traxx; Robert Varden, Paul Vidor, Dick Kahrs and Len Perkins of Seam Master/Koolglide; Jeff Johnson, Kyle Murphy, Dennis Sandell and Keith Moore of Mapei; Dan Vanderboom of QEP/Roberts; Michael Hetts of Crain; Ray Knapp of Taylor Tools; Gary Schwebmeyer, Rita Bockrath and Don Gauert of Duo-Fast; Steve Sherrod of Schluter and Dick Schmidt of Johnsonite.

The seminar and workshop speakers were introduced with an opportunity to explain the highlights of their presentations. Jeff Johnson, Dennis Sandell, Kyle Murphy and Keith Moore of Mapei shared information concerning moisture and its effect on the flooring installation by demonstrations and an interesting PowerPoint presentation. This information was so beneficial; we think Jeff should make it available online.

Tim Rawlins, Tim Provence, Rick Herr and Todd Weldon of Armstrong conducted a hands-on opportunity for heat welding of heat sensitive urethane coatings on sheet goods. How can you learn more than to learn from the experts? The latest copies of Armstrong materials were available for each attendee.

Ben Boatwright, Senior Manager of Romanoff Flooring based in Atlanta with 22 divisions and Rod Von Busch, Vice-President of Operations for Custom Decorators Inc, a commercial floor covering firm based in Louisville with branches in several states shared information to conduct a residential and / or commercial installation workroom operation. Another great seminar with information one can only get from those who are actually involved. Information to assist members with working smarter and more efficiently.

Jon Namba and Robert Varden of CFI demonstrated the challenges that installers face with patterned carpet. Their presentation presented tips and techniques for a smooth installation. This information is not written in the standard installation book. Jon and Robert not only shared crucial tips, but demonstrated the techniques. More than one person attended this seminar twice.

Alan Ellis, CFI Master-II of Council Bluffs IA and Jamie Sisk of Husqvarna demonstrated concrete polishing fundamentals and grinding floors in preparation. This seminar was held outdoors. Numerous types of items were inserted into the substrate to achieve a beautifully finished floor. With over $200,000.00 in equipment, this presents an income producing source for the installation workroom. They constructed a 10x14 concrete platform in the parking lot to perform the work from the beginning to the final stages of a substrate that was unbelievable. Another idea for increasing the value of your workroom.

Dick Schmidt of Johnsonite, CFI Master-II shared installation tips for working with rubber flooring and accessories. This was done by demonstrations as well explanations to achieve the results that are required. Nobody does it better! Dick can create floors that are unequalled in this industry. He also introduced new products and methods of installation that save time for our members.

The Future of Tackstrip Installation was presented by Gary Schwebemeyer, Rita Bockrath and Don Gauert of Duo-Fast who conducted an interesting meeting that focused on tackstrip installation as well as radiant-heated flooring. This was a different type, but one that added a new dimension to the seminars. The sharing of ideas, the focus group, the abundance of door prizes for attending and more made this a favorite of the attendees.

Gary Goodrich, inventor of the Evn Seam Iron as well as dozens of other patents shared ideas on developing products, obtaining a patent and bringing the invention to the marketplace. Gary’s background definitely brought more information and sources for contact that could be imagined. Gary shared a wealth of information in a short period of time for anyone interested in developing a product.

Steve Sherrod of Schluter presented the sealed shower system by demonstrating the latest products and techniques. Steve’s hand skills and ability to train others are known throughout the industry. This was his first convention and we are certain you will see more of him.

Joe Cea, CFI Master and Technical Representative of Congoleum shared techniques for working with custom tile installations in a hands-on workshop. Joe puts 110% into training others and always presents a workshop in which the attendees must get involved. This year was no exception. Learning how to work with the requirements of a custom tile installation is crucial to achieving the finished look that our customers expect.

Jim Lee, Executive Director of FIANA challenged to group to continue promoting quality flooring installation. The two organizations have worked closely together since their founding in 1993-1994. Representing manufacturers and distributors, FIANA presents the annual convention of new products for its members. Jim and Fran came to support CFI with the FIANA Convention quickly approaching in September. Jim’s willingness to work with the CFI Board of Directors is very much appreciated.

The 2010 CFI Convention Planning Team was introduced. The members are John McHale, Jill Sheets, Janet Emerson, Karen Mulkin and Ed Braile. Absolutely no group can produce a better convention than this Team. Send them a note or call and let them know how much their efforts are appreciated. It’s a lot of work, but they sincerely enjoy doing it for you because they love those smiles they see that make it all worthwhile.

Following the WFCA Leadership Conference, 48 members of the CFI Certification Team met to review the certification process and announce new plans for the next year. Tony Buckhardt, Chairman reviewed the commitment of the team, programs and workshops that were conducted and also those planned for the future and the considerable advanced involvement of the members in training and certification in carpet, wood, laminate, ceramic and vinyl floorings.

On Friday, Bernie Madden welcomed the attendees to the morning session and highlighted the participation of the members in industry projects. Vice-President, Robert Varden thanked the CFI Associates for the CFI Convention jacket which bears the names of the 34 sponsors. He also expressed CFI’s appreciation to the Press for the continuous promotion of quality installation. John Moore of Floor Covering Installer, Matt Spieler of Floor Covering News and Tanya Kern of Floor Covering Weekly joined CFI for the annual Convention.

Andrew Smith, CFI installer representing Mohawk Carpet and Mohawk University related the success of the combined training with the Residential-I certification offered during 2009. He stated that one installer traveled from California to Minnesota to participate and the program has been a success and will continue.

Davison Receives 50+ CFI Jacket

Fred Chastain, CFI Master-II Installer awarded the CFI 50+ jacket to Roy Davison, CFI President. Daris Mulkin, CFI Master-II Installers shared the background of this award, explaining that the jacket’s value if well over $20,000 when the amount of time and funds donated for over 50 training and certification events is considered. Davison is the 31st recipient of the beautiful leather and wool jacket. The jacket is awarded to installers who contribute their time and energy to participation to earn 50 points. The Board of Directors voted to count these as: 1 point per volunteer event, ½ point per paid event, ½ point for organizing a chapter and/or training event. It is the member’s responsibility to notify the national office of all chapter and/or training events to be listed on the CFI website to be approved to count toward the total required for the jacket.

CFI welcomes the 2009 inductees into the Charles Gress Hall of Fame

Bob Gillespie, Past President and CFI Master-II Installer #1, made the long-awaited announcement of the four recipients of the Charles R. Gress Award. This is the highest honor that a CFI installer can receive for commitment to the organization going above and beyond what is expected of a member to promote quality flooring installation. The nomination form for members to be considered for 2010 is available online.

Jim Cunningham, CFI Master Installer #2 of Kansas
Jim is a CFI Master Installer, trained by the union in the early days of his career and very adept at the trade. His knowledge concerning the latest information on every flooring surface is unequalled. Jim has actively supported CFI BEFORE 1993. He is a founding member of the Kansas City Flooring Installers Association founded in 1989 and served on numerous committees. In the years following, he left the installation trade to become a sales associate for a distributor. He is well respected as a representative that services his accounts. He is also on the cutting edge of technical information and when a question needs an answer, Jim always has it. During the first certification in Kansas City, he obtained one of the highest scores on the 5 written tests. Back then, the installers answered 352 questions. YES they did! It was tough! And, the testing lasted for 3 days. The Team left on Friday and returned on Sunday night – if the planes made it! Al Brown was his certifier and if any of you were ever certified by Al, you knew it! Jim helped build the Kansas City Chapter, which later became the CFI you know today. He was part of the Certification Team. He is currently employed by Carpet Cushions and Supplies and continues to advocate CFI to everyone with whom he comes into contact and promotes quality installation.

Andrew Smith, CFI #5402

Andrew is from Dalton, Georgia where he is employed by Mohawk in the technical services department. He was instrumental in the addition of the Mohawk University’s inclusion of the CFI Certification in the training programs. In 1998, he easily received his R I-II and C I-II Certification. At that time, he was working in technical services for Shaw Industries. He entered the installation trade in 1993 as a helper and has really climbed the ranks of flooring installation opportunities. He was certified by Keith Moore who wrote on the form that Andrew would be an asset to CFI. Little did Keith know what that would mean in 2009! He later moved to Mohawk Technical Services and has opened doors for CFI to be involved in their programs. Working with his “PARTNER IN TROUBLE MAKING,” (Doyle Slaughter), the two have been a huge influence for the CFI programs. Andrew just never does anything according to “program.” This includes riding that Harley thing with Doyle and Michael Lassetter to Convention. Everywhere he goes, he is constantly advocating quality installation. He becomes as frustrated as the rest of us when he meets installers who do not understand what it takes to achieve customer satisfaction and move forward in their careers. Andrew is a family man who loves to see the country with his wife and young daughter. We hear from Shalan Pickle at Mohawk University that they continually have “problems” with him and have to call Kansas City to help them get him in line!

Robert Schurman CFI Master-II #9785

Bobby is the owner Schurman Enterprises based in the mountains of Ignacio, Colorado, a very small town near Durango and close to the New Mexico border. This is one excited man when the subject of receiving value for professional flooring installation is discussed. He lives on a “high” of “I can do it!” He is determined to set his business apart from those who deliver the “normal hack ‘n slash” installations that prevail nationwide. With encouragement and support from his friend, Kelly Huddleston or as he refers to him, “Smokey Robinson,” Bobby has taken the meaning of, “If it is to be, it is up to me,” to the highest degree. Upon completing a large project for the Ute Tribal Affairs Council, he received a note, “In this day of “low bid, get it done,” attitudes, it was a breath of fresh air to have Bobby and his brother on site.” Several years ago, Bobby took the challenge and made some very drastic choices that moved his company into the world of profitability in a manner that changed his life and that of his wife and two young children. He credits his wife with standing beside him as they made the decision to change the focus of the business. The marketing materials of his firm include a title, “What Sets Me Apart?” Bobby includes his credentials, experience and specializations. It also includes a statement, “We want your project to be a success. Our focus is professionalism, communication and quality. We continue our education, striving to provide you with ultimate product knowledge and customer satisfaction.” The brochure includes a favorite statement, ““The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Today, Bobby arrives home at the end of a “normal” day’s work instead of working those long hours that were expected of him. He always has time for his family, teaching his son to ride in the rodeo and of course, hunting in Colorado. Bobby is living proof that setting goals and making a commitment makes THE difference!

David Garden, CFI Master-II #6269

Dave is the owner of Installation services LLC in Sterling Heights, MI and also holds the title as the CFI Guy with the “biggest” feet! Seriously, he writes in his Master-II application, “As far as accomplishments, the most important happens on a daily basis when I leave the jobsite with another satisfied customer.” He was the speaker for a course at Eastern Michigan University where he spoke to an aspiring group of interior designers. Dave says, “Today, I submit quotes for flooring work, but I do not receive as many as I would like because I am more expensive than my competition. My clients do understand what I am billing for and why it is necessary and are pleased to have our company on their jobsites.” Years ago, I dropped out of college to “find myself.” When I discovered that person, I was installing flooring!” With no knowledge of business operation, I became an owner at age 20. I was working all the time for anyone who would pay me. My first brush with CFI came in the early ‘90’s when the local distributor told me that CFI could help my business. However, I listened to the folks that were giving me the bulk of my business and they said I didn’t need it; they’d always have work for me. That store is no longer in business. In the late ‘90’s, here’s comes CFI again. Jim Walker stood in front of a group of 50 installers and promoted pride and professionalism. I gained the confidence to build my skill and operate my company correctly. I was ready and my shop was sought after because we pushed quality. I was able to raise my rates and still find work. CFI gave me the confidence to build my business into what it is today.

Dave is a member of the Sterling Heights Chamber of Commerce. He finds time through his busy schedule to be a great father to two sons, 16 and 2. He has served as assistant Scout Master, teaches the high school Youth Bible Study at his church and has coached a little league baseball team, plays on the men’s church softball team and competitively Class C Softball. Monthly accompanied by his son, they participate feeding the homeless through a church sponsored program. He just does it all!

CFI Master-II Installers Introduced

The highest certification awarded in the installation field is the CFI Master-II. After three grueling days of testing, achieving this designation is one of true meaning. The new members of the Team are:

Nate Hall (WI), Alan Ellis (IA), Dave Garden (MI), Roger Richardson (PA), Robert Schurman (CO)

CFI Regional Team Members added in 2008-09:

Nate Hall (WI), Alan Ellis (IA), Robert Schurman (CO), Dave Garden (MI), Michael Buckhardt (IN), Roger Richardson (PA), Roy Lewis (AL), Robin Lewis (AL)

CFI Team Members Awarded 25+ Event Pins

Tony Buckhardt, Chairman of the CFI Certification Team presented the 25+ pins to Jim Walker (282), John McHale (175), Daris Mulkin (134), Fred Chastain (107), Cynthia Aufiero (100), Ed Braile (100), Robert Varden (84), Jonathan Varden (55), John Shofner (28), Chuck Kubich (25) and Alan Ellis (25). The pins are awarded in increments of 25 events. The complete list is available online for viewing.

Jodi BlueJacket Honored

Jim Walker honored the memory of Jodi BlueJacket who lost a struggle with cancer in February 2009. One of CFI’s most revered associate members whose legacy is her involvement in adding to the enjoyment of others’ lives. Prior to her death, Jodi sent ten $100.00 American Express gift cards to be distributed in her memory at this year’s convention attendees. The drawings were made during the CFI seminars and workshops. The happy recipients were Lane Holloway (KS), James Obey (CO), Roland Thompson (MD), Roy Davison (MO), Dick Schmidt (OH), David Coley, Jr (OK), Gary Goessl (WI) and Rod Muntz (PA) who won twice!

The CFI National Office Team of Jill and John MAKE IT HAPPEN

Jill Sheets and John McHale of the CFI National Office shared the highlights of this year’s opportunities to win the numerous gifts provided by CFI associates. The members attended the morning and afternoon sessions of the CFI Associate Showcase of Products qualified for a drawing of $500.00 cash, later won by Jerry Miller (GA). The Gift Cards were distributed at drawings during the seminars and workshops. They prepared the prizes donated by the associates and distributed to every CFI Certified Installer present. This is unbelievable! The abundance of gifts were donated by Ardex, Beaulieu, Beckler’s Carpet, Better Tools, Bond, Bostik, Carpet Shims, Crain, Duo-Fast, Evn Seam, Hank’s of Omaha, Johnsonite, Lam-Hammer, Mapei, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Orcon, QEP/Roberts, Schluter, Seamer Down Now, Shaw, Taylor Tools, The Toe-Keeper, Traxx and Wagner Industries.

The Murder Mystery

The Murder Mystery Dinner Theater was an overwhelming success with Michael Hetts as the victim, Tony Buckhardt as the attempted murder suspect and Rita Bockrath as the villain The “Chippendale Dancers” were also fantastic; Paul Vidor, Tony Buckhardt, Alan Lewis, John McHale and Andrew Smith who performed their “dances” for Laura Walker. George Johnson, Dave Garden, Daniel Bennett, Gary Goodrich, Wylan Fleener, Lane Holloway, Roland Thompson, Jeff Miller, George Johnson Sr., Nate Hall and Michael Hetts who were the designated “Bozo Team” and received nose and eyeglasses to “improve their appearance!” You just had to be there folks to see this! A live video is online if you are brave enough to watch! A great time was had by all.

Saturday Program

Bernie Madden presented the highlights of the previous days and welcomed the members to another day of education. Glenn Olsen, Chairman of the Presidents’ Scholarship Fund invited everyone to contribute to next year’s fund to bring another first timer who is a CFI Certified Installer to Convention. Roy Davison remembered the fallen leaders of CFI; Doug Amundson (SD), Charles Gress (OH), Al Brown (MO), Pat Fell (MD), Andrew Aufiero (NJ) and Carmen Brown (KS).

CFI and Armstrong join forces to promote installation excellence

Tim Provence introduced Tim Rawlins, Manager of Armstrong New Product Development and Installation Services who announced the partnership between the firm and CFI to train and certify flooring installers in wood and resilient. All candidates completing a school presented by CFI and who have demonstrated to a CFI qualified moderator by completion of official certification documents and have successfully completed the CFI Assessment and the Armstrong Written Test Exam shall be awarded CFI Certification and Armstrong Installer Certification and will be considered fully trained, certified Armstrong installers who qualify for the benefits of the Armstrong Certified Installer Program (

Jon Namba presented the success of CFI’s involvement in training programs for all surfaces, including carpet, hardwood, ceramic, laminate and resilient. He also shared the opportunities for the organization to offer the certifications of Armstrong in resilient and wood and the wood certification and sales training programs of the National Wood Flooring Association.

George Buckhardt Memorial Fund

Tony Buckhardt shared the founding of the George Buckhardt Memorial Fund in honor of his father. Through this fund, numerous flooring installers have been assisted during difficult times. Donations raised through contributions, the CFI annual convention and the annual golf outing have been instrumental in making life easier for those during their times of need. Over $100,000.00 has been contributed to the fund, with CFI members adding $3,000.00 at the Convention. The 2009 CFI HERO AWARD was given posthumously to Jodi Bluejacket who donated continuously to the cause of the George Buckhardt Memorial Fund. The plaque will hang in the IMS workroom now owned by Valerie Hall of Dallas.

CFI Associate Winner of The CFI Professional 2-Page Advertisement

Following a drawing held by Jill Sheets and John McHale, Taylor Tools was announced as the winner of the CFI Associate center two-page advertisement of product in The CFI Professional.

Doyle Slaughter of Mohawk Technical Services challenged the group to continue its drive for quality installation and the inclusion of the requirement for certified installers in manufacturer’s warranties. The training and certification programs are of vital importance to achieving this goal.

The Saturday educational events included the CFI Associate’s Product Showcase, the five group workshops and the opportunity to select from four seminars later in the afternoon.

CFI Chapters

Following the CFI Convention Banquet, the evening event was hosted by Bernie Madden and Christopher Davis. Roland Thompson (MD), Chairman of the Chapter Committee challenged the members to establish more chapters throughout the country. He stressed the influence of chapters in the local committees.

Roy Davison recognized the CFI Chapters and awarded the 5th Pat Fell Chapter Achievement Award presented annually by the L. Fishman Company of Maryland in memory of Patrick Fell, CFI Master-II ##4304 who died of cancer in 2005. The CFI Chapter Manual is dedicated in his memory for the numerous contributions to the promotion of the local chapters. For the 4th year, the Delmarva CFI Chapter won first place for conducting the most educational events.

Also recognized for their contributions to education were Louisville CFI, Heartland CFI of Omaha, Fort Wayne CFI and Pittsburgh CFI. The L. Fishman Award provides funds to assist the chapters in their educational endeavors. CFI Chapter members in attendance were from Kansas City CFI, Wisconsin CFI, Atlanta CFI and Oklahoma City CFI.

Grand Prize Winners

Jill Sheets and John McHale made the long-awaited announcements of the grand prize winners who were: Michael Buckhardt (IN), 70 bags of Ardex; Jon Namba (UT) 50 bags of Ardex; Scott Terryberry (CO) $500 of Bostik Carpet Products; Robert Varden (TX) won the Duo-Fast Combo Nailer Kit; Oakley Wright (PA), a skid of Mapei Products; Valerie Hall TX) won an area rug donated by the Nebraska Furniture Mart and a Lam-Hammer set; Alan Lewis (AL) won the QEP/Roberts powerstretcher with 8 poles; Gary Goessl (WI) won the QEP/Roberts Wet Saw with porcelain blades; Lloyd Englebrecht (NM) won the shower kit and Ditra from Schluter and the Koolglide Seaming System with tape and a Seamer-Down Now were won by George Johnson (MD).

Through the generosity of CFI Associate Members, every certified installer was presented with a gift bag with items ranging in price upward to $4,000.00. Ardex, Duo-Fast and Mapei awarded 10 CFI installers with prizes and gifts that totaled thousands of dollars.

Christopher Davis, CEO and President of the World Floor Covering Association challenged the group to continue to move forward and never forget the importance of customer service. He shared the commitment of the Floor Covering Industry Fund to assist those in the industry in their times of need, mentioning those members of CFI who benefited during the final days of their lives from the generosity of others. When asked how many were attending the convention through the WFCA Scholarship funds, a vast majority of those present stood. Davis received a standing ovation for the continued investment of WFCA in the CFI educational programs.

The President’s address was given by Roy Davison as he shared past experiences of the organization, his vision for the future and the opportunity to increase the awareness of the need for quality flooring installation through industry partnerships.

Jon Namba, CFI Executive Director presented closing remarks that highlighted the past year and the opportunities for the coming year.

The overall consensus of the group is that this was one of CFI’s best conventions to date.

The evening concluded with excitement of the opportunity to become more involved and propel the CFI commitment to quality installation throughout the world.

CFI Business Meeting

At the CFI Business Meeting, the officers were unanimously elected to serve second terms. A motion was made to made for the revision of Amendment 4 of the Bylaws that reads: “The Office of the President of the International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association, Inc. shall be held by a member who is a CFI Certified Installer and has actively earned a minimum of fifty-percent of his or her income as a flooring installer during the four years prior to the annual meeting.” It was unanimously passed by the membership.

CFI dues were increased for the first time in 7 years to $150.00 annually. A form is available online for the fees plus the WFCA dues of $225.00 to be deducted in 8 installments at $46.88 per month by credit card or debit card. Form must be signed for authorization to make the deductions. If the WFCA dues are not included the deduction is made in four payments of $37.50 in October, November, December and January. The CFI badge and certificate are sent when the $150.00 is paid in full. To take advantage of this new opportunity, download the form and email or fax it to the national office.

This is a great opportunity to include the WFCA dues of $225.00 to receive $500.00 in educational scholarships for next year. Remember, the CFI Convention and all CFI training events are paid in full by this scholarship.

Notes from those who attended………

ROGER HUFF (LA): “We should weigh each member when they arrive and record their weight gain after last meal. Award a prize to the member guesses the total number of pounds gained at all these meals.” “Duo-Fast is unique; looking forward to their approach of soliciting input from the members.”

TONY VIERS (MO): “Suggestions for 2010 – add workshops about carpet backings and applications and a Master-II workshop. This was my second convention and I was not disappointed. I have never been around such a great group of people; Bernie touches everyone by his kind words; truly, truly, great people in CFI.”

KEVIN TWOHIG (WI): “This year was really fun! Great use of our time! We must always have the WFCA Leadership Conference. Also, we must always work with Bernie’s schedule because he is so much a part of this! The Concrete Polishing Seminar was awesome. The Murder Mystery was a lot of fun.

BERNIE MADDEN (KS): ”Coffee every morning!” The WFCA Leadership Conference was excellent! The Associate’s Showcase is always exceptional – lots of good information for the dealer too!”

EDMOND GRANBERRY (AL)): Associate’s Showcase was great! Heat Welding was very informative; Jon and Robert were great; Sealed Shower System by Schluter was great; enjoyed the Murder Mystery”

ALAN ELLIS (IA): “Location worked out very well for us and let’s consider it for the future; the Armstrong guys are the best vinyl trainers; WFCA Leadership Conference was inspiring; Future of Tackstrip was very interesting and the Murder Mystery had me fooled.”

JAMES OBEY (CO): “Ben and Rod’s Business Workrooms provided great ideas for running a business; can’t wait to see the new Duo-Fast products and would like to see more carpet demonstrations.”

BEN BOATWRIGHT (TN): “AWESOME EVENT! Let’s go to Nashville!”

BOBBY SCHURMAN (CO): “Let’s go back to the extra day for more time with friends; maybe a golf outing, but I know it’s hard to plan. Thanks! The Murder Mystery was awesome and the workroom presentation gets 5 stars!”

DAVE GARDEN (MI): Armstrong should present their class EVERY year; Patterned Carpet Workshop should be every year; be sure the Duo-Fast guys and gal come back; Patent Seminar was fantastic; Best Friday Night Associate Event EVER; we must promote using CFI as a business tool. How about next year in Detroit? I’ll help!”

JONATHAN VARDEN (TX): “Murder Mystery was a lot of fun; Armstrong class was amazing; Tim Provence is outstanding; Enjoyed Ben and Rod’s class immensely; Robert Varden was not so good, (hmmmmmmmmmmmm!), Let’s have more of the same; thanks so much to everyone at the office for taking care of us; enjoyed every minute!”

BOB GILLESPIE (MO): “Love the location! Associate’s Showcase was very good. The Concrete Polishing course was outstanding!”

BRYAN ARTIOLI (TN): “Leadership Convention is a great start for us! The Associate’s Showcase is always great! Mapei seminar was great! Heat Welding – great hands-on! Workrooms presentation – tons of information! Seen it many times, but the Pattern Workshop was great! Amazing seminar – concrete polishing! Custom Tile – lots of fun! Murder Mystery – great fun!”

JIM LUSK (TX): “Can’t wait for Duo-Fast new ideas to hit the market – Murder Mystery was fun – Associate’s Showcase was great!”

DAVID COLEY III (OK): “Great job Armstrong! Really enjoyed the Patterned Carpet Workshop! Murder Mystery- a great time for everyone! Thanks for another great year!”

KELLY HUDDLESTON (CO): “WFCA Leadership Conference – GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Associate’s Showcase – always informative! Heat Welding course – good stuff! Ben is getting more polished! Patterned Carpet – always good! Concrete Polishing – cool! Sealed Shower System – too cool! Murder Mystery- Great Balls of Fire!”

ROD MUNTZ (PA): “Had a great time – see you next year! Murder Mystery was fantastic!

Just a few of those received – wish you would sign your names next year!

We know many of you would love to have been here, but could not make it this year! Hopefully, you’ll join us next year because there is no place on this universe that you can meet such great friends, wonderful associates and learn so much about the products you work with and the new techniques and tools available. What a great Convention.

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