Cikel America SCS Chain of Custody Certified Exotic Brazilian Hardwood
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Miami, FL— Cikel America is the responsible choice for exotic Brazilian hardwood flooring in the United States marketplace. As the North American arm of one of the world’s largest vertically integrated exotic hardwood flooring manufacturers, Cikel America has been granted Chain of Custody certification by the Forest Stewardship Council through Scientific Certification Systems. The FCS has accredited SCS to certify companies according to its international standards in place to help promote the environmentally appropriate management of the world’s forests. Cikel America’s FSC Chain of Custody certificate code is SCS-COC-000324.

FCS Chain of Custody certification guarantees Cikel America’s ability to meet the strict product tracking requirements for its exotic Brazilian hardwood flooring products. In addition, these distinctions allow Cikel America dealers and distributors to be in full-compliance with the Lacey Act and its products to help contribute points toward building projects across all LEED Green Building Rating Systems.

“The FSC Chain of Custody certificate through the SCS and the FSC seals we have guarantee that wood marketed by Cikel is harvested from native forests and complies with all import/export regulations,” said George Celtrick, national sales manager for Cikel America. “It’s essential for every wood flooring manufacturer to acknowledge environmental responsibilities and make that investment in Total Quality Control. We own our own forests, mill our own timber, and distribute it to the United States market in complete confidence that we have done all that we could to provide a high-quality product we can proudly stand behind.”

Cikel's parent company in Brazil owns more than one million acres of FSC managed forests and has garnered international acclaim for its work relative to environmental responsibilities. The firm has an ongoing commitment in making technological advancements and investments to Total Quality Control from the forest-to-the-floor… and, to maintain competitiveness within the global marketplace both today and tomorrow. Cikel America is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association and the Forest Stewardship Council.

For more information, please contact Cikel America LLC – 8300 NW 53rd. St., Miami, Florida 33166 - 1.800.971.7896 - www.cikel.com.

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