Article Number: 520
Holographic Flooring System
The Holo-Walls Company, producers of holographic films for entertainment and interior applications, announces they are in production on their newest product, Holo-Floors, a holographic dance floor that comes to life with blazing razor-sharp hues, depth, and sharpness with unparalled clarity. The floor pattern appears to have lights and lasers built right in when illuminated with any conventional light source.

Incorporating the company’s Holo-Sheen holographic film, the floor is expertly packaged into sturdy, rugged 2, 3 or 4 ft. sq. panels up to one inch thick that can be joined together with multiple panels for any unique flooring project.

Using the latest in space-age plastics with an all-metal frame, Holo-Floors can be easily integrated into any new or existing floor. The panels come with beveled edging for a finish that creates one of the most extraordinary floor designs ever conceived.

The dynamics of the Holo-Floor include an underside built with water resistant Extira MDF panel, Holo-Sheen film laminated to the underside of Lexan MR10 Abrasion Resistant water clear polycarbonate sheet that won't crack, chip or discolor. The engineered framing system features an edge locked aluminum U-shaped flush mounted frame with a silicone seal and friction grooved aluminum retainer locks that keeps the finished floor panels in place on properly prepared concrete, wood or tile surfaces. Installation for a 20 Ft. X 20 Ft. floor takes less than one day and the system comes with a one-year warranty on defects and workmanship.