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NALFA Introduces Issues & Answers Course
The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) is pleased to introduce a new course to its educational curriculum with the debut of a “Laminate Flooring Issues & Answers” class.

The class is designed to educate laminate flooring distributors, retailers, and anyone interested in learning more about laminate flooring.

The curriculum for the one-day class includes NALFA history, a Laminate 101 course, installation requirements, inspection tools and standards, and product defect review.

The class fee is $350. To register or for more information, contact Teiya Eubanks at (423) 316-1566 or

The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) was formed in 1997 by U.S. and Canadian manufacturers and importers of Laminate Flooring. Since its inception, NALFA has been dedicated to creating voluntary product performance standards for Laminate Flooring in North America. For more information, visit

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