Cerasarda at Milano Design Week 2017
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Casalgrande, 9 March 2017 – During Milano Design Week 2017, Cerasarda presents the new Abitare la Terra project at the Casabella Laboratorio venue in Via Marco Polo, 13. Products by the designer and ceramist Maria Luisa Brighenti - made using the cutting edge technology of Gruppo Romani Industrie Ceramiche - will form a key part of the “Superficie e danza tra geometria e colore” event, together with the 140 Ways to bend and dance with 2m2 of paper designed by the Atelier Blumer of the University Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio.

From 3 to 9 April, 10:00 am until 10:00 pm, visitors can stroll between the 26 harmonic colour tones and 10 colours of Accento which form Abitare la Terra by Cerasarda, an innovative project which draws inspiration from the warm, rich and generous earth of Sardinia. A stunning backdrop for the compositions created by the students from the Riccardo Blumer atelier for their public performances. Blumer and his students have transformed the limits of arm movement onto the three levels of the space, amidst the wonder of folding and unfolding geometric shapes, all different, linked by a single material, dimension and technique.

The dimension uniting the two stories is that of craftsmen and their skills, '"hand-made" artefacts which develop into an infinite number of solutions and flights of inspiration dedicated to designers, planners and architects. Lighting by the Zumtobel Group will enhance these interpretations, a technical partner for the event and a prominent brand in the world of lighting for art and architecture. The Zumtobel Group, with nearly a century of history, and brands such as Zumtobel, Thorn, ACDC and Reiss, is known for its innovative lighting solutions, always bringing design excellence and tangible added value.

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