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Still a computer novice? Not to worry. Let
advantEDGE do all the work. Your simple-to-use and simple-to-update advantEDGE storefront will allow you to harness the amazing power of the Internet like a pro.

advantEDGE  internet storefront won’t be a static, one-size-fits-all web page but a dynamic interactive internet storefront developed by retailers for retailers. It will provide your customers a world of service, complete with contact information, help pages, photos, links, and unlimited product and services pages. Designed for the home improvement industry it includes flooring, paint, wallpaper, window treatments, furnishing and decorative surfaces modules! Plus, information and links on hundreds of manufacturers are included. All you do is simply check-mark the brands that you want included on your storefront and a brand module is automatically added.

Think it will take weeks or even months to get a well planned site up and running? With
advantEDGE, start generating a whole new kind of customer traffic in just days. You will not only save thousands of dollars but hundreds of hours of time. Who can afford the time and effort trying to explain your business to a programmer?

This system is so easy to use that you don't have to have any computer experience. In fact, it was designed with the average person in mind. If you can fill out a form and click on an update button your can manage this system 24/7. Plus, we provide unlimited support if needed.

A site like this could easily cost an individual retailer in excess of $20,000. Through this limited time offer,
advantEDGE could be yours for only $1,195 $795. per year. And that’s with no set-up fees or hidden charges! Why spend thousands of dollars for a tiny outdated yellow page ad when you can get an unlimited page internet storefront for little more than a couple of dollars a day?

advantEDGE allows you to select from a vast menu of options to customize your internet storefront. Plus, your logo, project, employee and store photos will complement the key pages of your site. Also, it includes special features like an online sales/close-out system, online employment system, online customized photo gallery, password protected areas for builders or commercial accounts and more…

This is not a simple five page website but a complete, unlimited page internet development system. 
advantEDGE offers: unlimited product pages, unlimited service pages, unlimited locations, unlimited contacts, unlimited links, unlimited F.A.Q. pages, unlimited testimonials, unlimited project references and more…

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advantEDGE web development system to drive traffic to their stores.        

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