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Compare Carpet

Carpet is a major purchase, and it's in your best interest to become as informed as possible before making a decision. The components and characteristics of carpets vary considerably, and some styles are better suited for certain applications than others.

To be certian you are making the proper selection, ask yourself some preliminary and essential questions such as:

1. Is the area I want the carpet installed a high-traffic area?

2. Is there going to be direct sunlight on any part of the area I am carpeting?

3. Are pets going to occupy the same area?

4. Is the room next to a wet area such as a bathroom or pool deck?

5. Is the area properly climate controlled?

Once the answer to these and other important factors are considered, you can then begin to search for the right carpet. Understanding the five elements of broadloom allows you to compare carpets efficiently and find one that is right for your lifestyle and budget.


carpet face weight
Face Weight - Face weight is the the number of ounces of fiber per square yard. All other things being equal, the higher the face weight of a carpet the better.
carpet twist level
Twist level - Higher twist helps resist crushing and matting
carpet density
Density - Higher density improves comfort and performance.
carpet durability
Durability - Higher ratings indicate better performance.
carpet fiber and yarn

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