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Atlanta, GA
United States of America
 CorkDirect imports, sells online and delivers nationwide, cork tile and plank flooring in a full range of patterns and colors, and underlayment in sheets and rolls, for commercial and residential applications. www.corkdirect.com
Categories: Cork, Athletic Surfaces, Underlayment, Wood Flooring



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Laval , QC
 Over 50 colors of Bamboo and Cork flooring in six patterns for unique,distinctive floors. Prestained and prefinished with our top-quality coatings system for utmost durability, flexibility and clarity. Enviromentally sound flooring.
Categories: Cork, Athletic Surfaces, Underlayment, Wood Flooring



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Earth City, MO
United States of America
 The largest online selection of tools and supplies for the flooring professional. Secure online ordering 24/7. Call toll-free 866-634-1189.
Categories: Cork, Flooring Accessories, Adhesives, Athletic Surfaces, Carpeting, Ceramic/Porcelain, Equipment, Seamless/Fluid Applied, Installation Materials, Laminate Flooring, Natural Stone Floors, LVT/Vinyl, Cleaning/Restoration, Specialty Floors, Terrazzo, Paver/Quarry, Tools, Sealers/Finishes, Underlayment, Cushion/Padding, Wood Flooring, Fibers/Backing, Furnishings, Paint Accessories, Home Accessories, Architectural



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Bronx, NY
United States of America
 Manufacturer of Unique and Exclusive Coloured Cork Tiles. Vibrant colours that let the beautiful texture of cork show through. Specialty patterns and custom cut tiles also available. Please see our website for more information. www.corkfloor.com
Categories: Cork, Underlayment, Wood Flooring, Wall Decor



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New London, CT
United States of America
 Designers and makers of custom area rugs, logo rugs, and walkoff mats.
Categories: Cork, Flooring Accessories, Adhesives, Athletic Surfaces, Carpeting, Laminate Flooring, LVT/Vinyl, Area Rugs, Underlayment, Cushion/Padding, Wood Flooring, Fibers/Backing, Mats/Runners, Furnishings, Home Accessories



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Boulder, CO
United States of America
Categories: Cork, Flooring Accessories, Athletic Surfaces, Business Services, Laminate Flooring, Underlayment, Wood Flooring, Furnishings, Wall Decor, Countertop/Surfaces, Fabrics/Bedding, Ceilings



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lourosa, aveiro
 Produces cork floor tiles, composition cork, granulated cork and cork wall tiles
Categories: Cork, Flooring Accessories, Installation Materials, Underlayment, Wood Flooring, Mats/Runners



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Charlotte, NC
United States of America
 Bonsal began producing tile setting products in 1962 and is now a full-line manufacturer and supplier to the ceramic tile industry.
Categories: Cork, Adhesives, Installation Materials, Cleaning/Restoration, Underlayment



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Categories: Cork, Underlayment, Wood Flooring



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Pompano Beach, FL
United States of America
 Welcome to APC Cork. We are one of the leading providers of cork in North America.
Categories: Cork, Adhesives, Underlayment, Wood Flooring
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