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Mohawk SolidTech is a new generation of vinyl plank flooring that combines the strength and rich visual of hardwood with the fashion, durability, and cleanability of a luxury vinyl tile or plank.
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To prove, once and for all, that our ultimate carpet is as strong as it is soft, we took SmartStrand Silk to the Birmingham Zoo to meet Max the Rhino. It’s the SmartStrand Challenge—taken to the Max.
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It's no secret that wood floors are some of the best surfaces to use in your home. However, when it comes to two of the most common choices - engineered hardwood and laminate - there is still a lot of confusion. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not the same thing.
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Hardwood flooring has long been a popular design trend for the home. But it has gained significant popularity among homeowners as of recently - and with good reason. As more people begin to remodel and upgrade their home, many are finding that hardwood floors offer an incredible aesthetic and functional appeal.
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Hardwood floors are a great investment. Between their timeless beauty, sophisticated appearance and impressive design versatility, it's virtually impossible to regret installing hardwood floors for your home. Despite how convenient and beneficial these surfaces can be compared to other types of floors, there are certain things to keep in mind when choosing, installing and maintaining them.
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With so many great options available, it can be difficult to decide what species of wood to use for your home's flooring. Understanding the species' properties, however, can make choosing a lot easier.
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Furniture Wood Types
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The Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring
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Six things to consider before buying hardwood
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Just as there are so many beautiful trees in nature, there are what can seem like an overwhelming number of choices of hardwood flooring. Typically the “interior fashion” part of the decision comes down to your personal preference for color, width, species, and character. The “construction” factor will depend on where you want to install your flooring.
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Prefinished hardwood flooring, also known as factory-finished hardwood flooring, has become the most popular hardwood flooring of choice, surpassing traditional site sand and finish flooring. There are several common-sense reasons for this, which you’ll likely conclude when you understand the difference between the two.
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By: Latricia Thomas A local company that's known for its carpet is taking the hardwood flooring world by storm with their engineered product called Epic. When you see Shaw trucks on the Interstate, you might assume they're carrying carpet.Shaw's Vice President of Hard Surface Business Development Scott Sandlin says, We're becoming more than just a carpet company and it gives people a lot of opportunity.But if those trucks came from the South Pittsburg plant, the freight actually comes from a forest. After adjusting to the temperature in the factory for a few days, stacks of wood veneers made from hickory, walnut, oak and cherry, move on to the assembly line. You have a back veneer and a face veneer and they will go into the press and they will be adhered to an HDF board, like a sandwich, Sandlin says.When the humitidy changes in your home, or the temperature changes, it doesn't shrink or grow.After the press, it's time for a quick touch up before the wood is sliced into strips. The 145 employees that work in the South Pittsburg plant check the planks during several steps of the manufacturing process, thankful these jobs returned after Shaw shut down the outdated yarn facility that once stood here.It was devastating when we shut it down so we were glad we could bring wood into this community to make it into what it is today, says Sandlin. So that made a big difference for South Pittsburg and Marion County.Back on the line, it's time for cosmetics. It goes down this line, with 8 or 9 stages of the finish being put on. It's just impractical to do it outside of the factory. It's almost like paining your car out of the factory, according to Sandlin.Add the Made in America box, and it's time to ship to distributors and then to a home near you. We are very proud that this product is made in Marion County and ships out of our distribution facilities in Northwest Georgia, Sandlin says. That's very important to us.
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When choosing a new floor it is beneficial to look at the stage of life you are in. Different lifestyles say a lot about what type of flooring you prefer for your home. Younger homeowners may be interested in a more design focused floor like patterned carpet or a vibrant area rug. Families could look for more durable flooring like hand scraped hardwood or tile which offers easy maintenance and can withstand an active lifestyles. Finally homeowners whose kids have moved out might be interested in creating a show place and opt for a finely finished hardwood or intricate tile design. No matter the stage of life Shaw Floors offers a variety of flooring to fit them all.
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In this video, you'll learn about the costs to consider when planning the budget for your flooring project. Our online floor estimator tool will help you figure out the total flooring cost - including the costs for sub-floor removal and installation. To get actual flooring prices, we recommend that you visit your local flooring retailer.
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When you're ready to buy flooring or have questions for your Armstrong retailer, you should plan ahead to make the most of your visit to the flooring store. Follow the helpful tips in this video so you're prepared when the flooring salesperson asks, "Are you looking for any floor in particular?"
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Most hardwood flooring today is sold by the square foot. In order to calculate the amount of hardwood you need for a room you first need to calculate the total square feet of the area you want to cover.
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Rainy Asian jungles, wild monkeys and exotic birds. That’s probably what comes to mind when you think of bamboo, right?
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Going green can take some extra work on your part. Begin by finding a retailer who is knowledgeable about green flooring products. He or she can help identify products that are certified as environmentally friendly, assist in ensuring the installation meets healthy environmental standards and provide information about the various programs that promote the use of green products. Communities often have tax or other financial incentives to encourage green living.
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The Best Flooring and Hottest Styles for Every Room, Including Kitchens.
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Why wallpaper, isn't paint cheaper and easier? A well done wallpaper installation may last 15 to 25 years or more with a look that you simply cannot get from paint.