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Lugano is a 100% waterproof rigid LVT and as such perfect for the installation in all rooms including wet areas such as kitchen and bathroom. Moreover this new generation vinyl floors can even be installed in rooms with direct sunlight and veranda’s. An effortless installation can be guaranteed thanks to a performant click system.
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Moduleo® is the next generation of luxury flooring, combining the look, feel and durability of real, natural materials, with the straightforward installation and maintenance associated with vinyl flooring. We are bold. We are beautiful. We are different.
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Hallmark Floors Videos. We are a manufacturer of beautiful, quality floors. Perfect for any life style.
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Meet Maya. A freelance journalist, blogger and busy mum, Maya takes us through her inspired 1970s house and her journey to picking a Karndean floor. Along the way, Maya introduces us to her beautiful family and explains why Karndean was the perfect fit for her home - ticking boxes for comfort, durability and easy maintenance.
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July 29, 2016—Brandon Kersey and Gary Hollowell, brand manger and VP of sales and marketing (respectively), and Kemp Harr, Publisher of Floor Focus Magazine, discuss the strategy and products behind Engineered Floors' foray into the mainstreet commercial carpet market. Listen to the interview to hear more about how this move is a natural next step as part of the integration of Engineered Floors and J+J Flooring Group.
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Signature Accord Flooring - Creating Community
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A cozy knit sweater. A warm woolen blanket. The bold seams of a fitted jacket. These natural textiles encourage and enhance every part of our daily lives. And now, inspired by the familiar comfort of these very fabrics, Milliken has created an all-new collection of high-end carpeting. With 5 textured patterns and 16 hue selections, Modern Bliss offers a serene carpet solution that is not only beautiful but also wonderfully calm and inviting.
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Talisman Carpets offers the design industry the ability to select and recolor any of the Graphic or Computer Yarn Placement patterns from our library in our Interactive Design Studio page on this site. Once you have the desired color you can save it as a PDF file and forward it to us. At that point we will produce a custom sample for final approval. Samples can be completed in about 7 business days unless sample yarn must be ordered. In the event you want a totally custom pattern our designers will match anything submitted and produce a CAD for your review prior to sample production. Step 1: Click on a design category to load. This could take several seconds depending on the device you are on. Step 2: Once the thumbnails are populated, click on the pattern you wish to recolor. Step 3: Click on the “used color” you want to change and the “available color palette” will appear. Then click on the color to substitute. Repeat this process to achieve your desired design coloration.
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Our most comfortable rug options great for seating in classrooms! Visit to view our print and solid options for Cushy Tushy rugs.
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NCC Case Study
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The ‘Crafting the Yarn’ video is the latest in our Fleece to Floor series, outlining the manufacturing process of our yarn. In the 1950’s, Brintons invented the 80 percent wool, 20 percent nylon blend, which is now the global standard for carpet around the world. The blend combines the comfort of wool with the strength and durability of nylon.
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Brintons launched a pop-up art installation with contemporary artist and filmmaker Shezad Dawood with works woven by Brintons at Clerkenwell Design Week 2017. Exhibited in a loading bay venue, alongside visual motifs and themes drawn from Dawood’s portfolio, the carpets feature bold colours and subtle photographic representations.
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Kane Carpet Surfaces 2018 Virtual Tour
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February 15, 2018—Brad Root, SVP of sales and marketing for EF Contract, discusses Engineered Floors' decision to rebrand Bolyu Contract and Aqua Hospitality to EF Contract and EF Hospitality. Listen to the interview to hear more about the go to market strategy and the new leadership team for these two brands moving forward. Bolyu and Aqua Hospitality were part of the Beaulieu assets that Engineered Floors purchased late last year.
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Balta Group
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This video is about TANDUS CENTIVA INFO
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February 8, 2018—Mark Clayton and Chris Johnson, President and SVP of Sales, respectively, with Phenix, and Kemp Harr, Publisher of Floor Focus Magazine, discuss Phenix's message at Surfaces 2018. Phenix, a privately held company, is coming off a strong growth year in 2017 and the company continues to invest in new carpet technology as well as diversifying further into the LVT, rigid core and mainstreet commercial segments of the business. Phenix's theme for this year's show was Crafted by Phenix.
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Paul Cleary talks about the history of the company, its entrée in the hospitality market and later involvement in the retail market as well as its decision to enter the extrusion and twisting sector.
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Bloomsburg Carpet Ind. is proud to create the only custom Axminster carpet being woven the USA. Contact your local agent to start your own custom creation at
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Crafting fine quality area rugs, broadloom carpets and home accessories.

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