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Discover how designer Natalie Chong furnished a young couple’s two-bedroom, two-bathroom home for $10,000. Get her budget condo decorating ideas for adding style and personality to a space, while creating a gender-neutral design aesthetic. Natalie kept function and finances top of mind throughout the design process. She painted the bottom half of the wall in the long entryway in a durable dark navy hue as a less expensive (and non-permanent) alternative to wainscotting. In the living room, a rug acts as a room divider between the kitchen and dining area. Despite the small space, Natalie was able to fit a six-person dining table and a pop-up desk in the corner. A black wall in the hotel-like master bedroom offers drama, while mini dressers work as night tables with ample storage. The guest room will be a nursery one day, so Natalie kept the design simple and used affordable pieces that can easily be replaced.
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Looking back at our roots as humans, also looking back into history and the many forgotten crafts - with the trend ESSENTIAL we dig into the archives of mankind, whilst keeping in mind that new is not always better.
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Laminate is no longer only for your floors. You can complement the beautiful look of your floor by making a statement with Mohawk laminate flooring on walls.
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10+ Creative Storage Hacks
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If you're a fan of the show Fixer Upper, you know that Joanna Gaines just happens to know an amazingly talented carpenter. His name is Clint
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10 Bathroom Hacks | Affordable and Realistic
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45 Small Bathroom Design Ideas
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Design on a Budget in Baby's Nursery
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Interior Design | Small Living Room Decorating Ideas | FIF # 15

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