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Calhoun, GA
United States of America
 Mohawk is a leading producer of woven and tufted broadloom carpet and rugs for residential and commercial applications.
Categories: Bonded, Carpeting, Ceramic/Porcelain, Laminate Flooring, LVT/Vinyl, Area Rugs, Cushion/Padding, Wood Flooring



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Tempe, AZ
United States of America
 Wade F. Carter, owner of W.F. Carter And Associates LLC is a manufacturers sales representative for makers and distributors of high quality flooring products. Wade, specializes in products and services for Interior Designers, Architects, Flooring Dealers
Categories: Bonded, Business Services, Carpeting, Area Rugs, Cushion/Padding



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Minneapolis, MN
United States of America
 World's Most Innovative Tool Designer and Manufacturer in the Flooring Industry.
Categories: Bonded, Flooring Accessories, Adhesives, Business Services, Carpeting, Equipment, Tools, Underlayment, Cushion/Padding, Fibers/Backing



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Dalton, GA
United States of America
 Located in the center of the carpet-manufacturing world of Dalton, Georgia, Dalton Foam is recognized as the leader in the effort to make all carpet cushion products environmentally friendlier and healthier to consumers.
Categories: Bonded, Cushion/Padding



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Linwood, PA
United States of America
 Foamex for entire line of carpet cushion products. General Felt Industries (GFI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foamex International, is the largest manufacturer of carpet cushion in the world.
Categories: Bonded, Cushion/Padding



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Richmond, VA
United States of America
 Omalon keeps your carpets looking beautiful, longer.Carpet doesn't wear out, it
Categories: Bonded, Cushion/Padding



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Rockville, MD
United States of America
 Authorized cushion products for most buying groups!
Categories: Bonded, Underlayment, Cushion/Padding



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Media, PA
United States of America
 We offer consumers a wide-variety of quality foam carpet padding, cushioning and foam flooring underlayment through our nationwide network of distributors, independent flooring retailers and home centers.
Categories: Bonded, Cushion/Padding



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Carthage, MO
United States of America
 Fashion Bed Group is the largest and most innovative supplier of fashion beds, daybeds, futons, bunk beds, bed frames and bedding support in North America today.
Categories: Bonded, Cushion/Padding



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Swanton, OH
United States of America
 Scottdel Inc. began manufacturing bonded urethane carpet cushion in 1961 with the invention of the first patented Bonded Log Molding System, which is still used in the industry today.
Categories: Bonded, Cushion/Padding
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